Cooking stones: Use instructions


To get the maximum duration of a grilling stone, you only need to follow these two simple tips:

  • Always put the stone in the heat when it is completely dry, don’t put it in the heat when it is still wet.
  • Never cool the stone quickly, by wetting it or in any other way.

Sudden changes in temperature can cause cracks or fracture in cooking stones.


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How to prepare meat to the stone at home


In this article we are going to give you some guidelines on how to prepare meat to the stone at home. The best pieces of meat are ideal for be served to the stone, as is the case of beef, which is the best meat for this preparation.

In the case of thick pieces, such as a beef steak, we recommend following the steps below in order to offer one of the best and healthiest ways to taste this magnificent meat.


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The best meat to grill on a stone: beef steak



To know which the best meat is to grill on the stone you just need to enter the main grill restaurants in your country. One of the most requested pieces by those who like meat is a good beef steak, an excellent culinary dish choice by default.

More and more, many people are showing interest in the origin of cattle, its breeds, their breeding processes, their feeding, the age at sacrifice, the point of maturation of each piece, but we will not go into so much detail there, though we will explain it a little bit.


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