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Cooking stones: Use instructions


To get the maximum duration of a grilling stone, you only need to follow these two simple tips:

  • Always put the stone in the heat when it is completely dry, don’t put it in the heat when it is still wet.
  • Never cool the stone quickly, by wetting it or in any other way.

Sudden changes in temperature can cause cracks or fracture in cooking stones.


Heating the cooking stones

There are different materials of grilling stones (either marble, granite, volcanic stones, …), but you can get the best results with volcanic stones. A volcanic stone, by its very nature, is ideal for stone cooking. Certain types of stones and others will have similar use patterns, though some may have some more specific use and maintenance measures.

But firstly, we need to clarify that to clean the stones, they must be warm or at a room temperature, they should never be cleaned in hot; wait until the stone is warm.

If you are going to heat it directly in the fire, it is preferable that you use first a low temperature or a soft flame, and after a few minutes raise it to the maximum to get the highest possible temperature. Sudden changes in temperature are not good for stones.

In case you are heating the grilling stone in the oven, enter it, if possible, when the oven starts to heat up and leave it there for approximately 40 to 50 minutes. The recommended stone temperature is 250ºC to 350ºC.

To clean the cooking stone, you don’t need to use detergents or any other product, just scrub hard with an aluminum scouring pad under the tap.

For cleaning, you can also scrape the surface with a brush while the stone is still warm, cover it with salt and dry it with a paper cloth. If necessary, you can use a cloth soaked in vinegar.


When the stone has been used several times, a non-stick layer forms on the surface, preventing the food from sticking. If you want to speed up this process, you can place a cloth soaked in olive oil on the stone for 24 h.

There is a wide variety of grilling stones models in the market, as they come with handles, with burners, but more or less they all have similar usage and maintenance guidelines.

We hope these tips have helped you on how to use cooking stones to grill meat.