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Heating the stone to grill meat: best times and temperatures

Heating the stone to grill meat: best times and temperatures

Here we will try to clarify how to heat the stone to grill meat, as well as which the best time is to reach the right temperature. We are going to explain this based on the volcanic stone, because its properties make it the ideal stone for cooking food.

This explanation could also be valid for other types of stones, but keep in mind that other types of stones (marble, granite, slate, …) could not withstand high temperatures or can’t be heated by direct fire.

The volcanic stone can be heated in two ways:

  1. Placing it directly on the fire.

If you heat it directly on the fire, it is preferable to heat it first with a soft flame, and after 10 minutes raise it to the maximum to get the highest possible temperature for about 30 minutes.

  1. Heating it in the oven

In case you are heating it in the oven, enter it (if possible) when the oven starts to heat up and leave it for approximately 40 to 50 minutes. The recommended stone temperature is 250ºC to 350ºC.

When the stone has been used several times, a non-stick patina is formed on the surface, preventing the food from sticking.

We recommend that you heat the stone with a stainless-steel tray for easy handling. Once it’s hot, place the stone with the tray in the service stand for transfer to the table. It is advisable to use a table mat to prevent any deterioration.


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