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The best meat to grill on a stone: beef steak



To know which the best meat is to grill on the stone you just need to enter the main grill restaurants in your country. One of the most requested pieces by those who like meat is a good beef steak, an excellent culinary dish choice by default.

More and more, many people are showing interest in the origin of cattle, its breeds, their breeding processes, their feeding, the age at sacrifice, the point of maturation of each piece, but we will not go into so much detail there, though we will explain it a little bit.


The difference in cattle types is based on age and sex, so to differentiate a veal, a yearling or a beef, we will have to look at its age. In summary:

  • Veal: male or female less than 12 months. Its meat is pink, tender and low in fat, but less juicy than that of the larger beef. When it hasn’t eaten grass, it is called a suckling calf.
  • Yearling: male or female between 12 and 24 months. Its flesh is pink and is tastier than beef.
  • Steer: male or female between 24 and 48 months. Its flesh is red and tasty, with ivory-colored fat.
  • Cebon: a neutered male less than 48 months old. Its flesh is red, veined, with white fats.
  • Beef: castrated male over 48 months. It has a veined, coarse-grained flesh, with yellow fats. Its flesh is of extreme juiciness (OUR CHOICE)
  • Cow: female over 48 months old. Its meat is very similar to that of the beef but it is much less tender.
  • Bull: male over 48 months old, they are used for fighting. It has a red vermilion flesh, very muscular and with a peculiar flavor.

The maturation periods vary depending on the age of the piece. In the case of the suckling calf or white beef, this is 4-7 days, while in the case of beef and cow, it can last up to almost 40 days.


The best meat to grill on the stone is the beef


One of the main characteristics of beef is its intense red color and its veined fats (we can find similarities in this sense with acorn ham), and a greater flavor when compared to other meats. Beef fat usually has a pearl or amber white color, rather than golden brown.

Once the animal has been slaughtered, its meat remains in a cold room for a period ranging from 15 days to 45 days, depending on the breed, the food it ate, its living conditions, … An evaporation of moisture in the meat occurs and the muscle becomes more tender meat and its texture improves.

A small amount of fat in the piece will provide us more juiciness and flavor.

So, in our opinion, beef is the best meat to cook to the stone.



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